10 Things That Cause Bad Breath And How You Can To Treat It


Having bad breath can be embarrassing, especially if you’re working really hard to shake it.

Popping mints and chewing gum can only go so far Sometimes, bad breath is more complex than forgetting to brush your teeth at lunch.

Here are 10 things that might be causing your bad breath and how you can treat it:

Acid Reflux

Bad breath doesn’t always have to be from a lack of brushing or flossing teeth. It could be from issues going on internally. What’s happening inside of your body can sometimes manifest into bad breath. If you experience acid reflux or other digestion issues, that could be what’s causing your constant bad breath. No matter how many times a day you brush, it’s not going to help if smells are making their way from your stomach into your breath.

Solution: Speak to your doctor immediately. There are things your doctor could give you to treat acid reflux and other digestion problems so you don’t have to be constantly stressing about your bad breath.