10 Unique Ways To Combat Stress

10 Unique Ways To Combat Stress

Everyone has stress, but not everyone handles their stress the same way. Some people ignore it until they absolutely can’t ignore it anymore (which usually results in a huge explosion of emotions). And some people combat their stress with yoga, weekly massage sessions, aromatherapy, prayer or anything else that makes them feel better.

That’s the tricky thing about stress, there’s not one specific way to get rid of it. No one has the magical answer on how to relieve stress. That’s why there are a ton of tips and tricks people use to combat their stress and anxiety.

It’s not about doing what your friends are doing to feel better — it’s about finding the best technique for you. Here are a few, unique ways, to better handle your stress:

Go Outside

If you’re feeling stressed out the last thing you want to do is be stuck inside with a lot of people (or even by yourself). Take a few minutes to leave the scene. Go outside and walk around for a few minutes. Fresh air is great for your lungs because it helps you breathe. The smell of the flowers, the grass, and the feeling of the sun on your face will hopefully help to relieve stress too.

Pop Some Bubble Wrap

There’s no way you don’t have bubble wrap in your home or in your office. If you don’t, you should fix that because bubble wrap is a great way to relieve stress. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why bubble wrap is so great. It’s most likely the act of popping something that makes people feel better — and the fact that bubble wrap releases muscle tension.

Have Sex

Sex is a great stress reliever. I’m not saying you should find a random stranger and do the deed. But if you have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, who you haven’t been able to see recently go ahead and call them up to pencil in a rendezvous. Sex releases oxytocin and gives you endorphins, which make you instantly happy. Sex is also a really good workout and, as you know, working out is another great stress reliever.


Have you ever wondered why so many people clean when they’re stressed out and/or pissed off? It’s not because they want to take their anger out on a mop (although, that definitely doesn’t hurt). It’s because of the repetitive motion found within cleaning. A lot of people find relief from stress when they do the same things over and over. Plus, cleaning will remove all the dirt and clutter from your home. Win-win.

Get Naked

This probably sounds weird, doesn’t it? Don’t automatically say no…yet. Sometimes, clothes and shoes can make you feel restrained; which can make your anxiety even worse. Especially if you suffer from panic attacks. Removing all of your clothes, even your shoes and socks can help slow down your breathing and immediately make you feel less confined.

Disclaimer: Don’t remove all your clothes if you’re somewhere in public. Save this technique for when you’re home alone.

Find An Animal

Animals are AMAZING. Every single animal can bring some sort of happiness to a human being. But dogs are easily the best. There are so many studies out there that have proven what most of us already know, dog’s make people happy. Walking a dog, cuddling a dog, or just simply playing fetch with a dog can automatically improve your mood and relieve stress.

Immerse Yourself Water

Something about water just makes everything better! Think about it. What’s the first thing you do after a long day at work? Take a shower or a bath, right? Yeah! Water is soothing. It removes tension and makes you feel relaxed. That’s because water puts you into a meditative state. Take a bath or swim in the ocean — you’ll feel great when you’re done.

Massage Your Earlobes

Why get your back massaged when you can massage your earlobes? If you’ve ever had reflexology done, you know the deal — it’s all about pressure points. There are spots all around the human body that, when touched, can instantly release tension. One of those spots is inside your earlobes. Slowly rub your lobes for about 10 minutes. You’ll be amazed by how stress-free you start to feel.

Light A Candle

Not only can the scent of a candle be relaxing, but watching a candle’s flame can be just as relaxing. Something about the flicker of a candle can really soothe your emotions and make you feel at ease. Make sure you pick a candle with a nice scent, though. Preferably one with a lavender smell — that scent is very relaxing and enjoyable.

Curse The Stress Away

There’s a reason so many people cuss. Why? Because it feels good. Sometimes, you just need to drop a few F-bombs to feel better about yourself and the situation you’re stressed out about. Swearing like a sailor can indeed relieve stress because you’re expressing yourself without holding anything back. As long as you’re not cursing directly at a person, your foul language shouldn’t really hurt anyone.

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