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You're A Grown Man, But Do You Know These 10 Condom Facts?

You’re A Grown Man, But Do You Know These 10 Condom Facts?

You’re A Grown Man, But Do You Know These 10 Condom Facts?

We all know what condoms are. Most of us have even used condoms before, right? Hopefully. But even though we all have experience with condoms, that doesn’t mean we’re as educated as we should be about these contraceptives. You might be thinking, “What’s to know? You take it out of the packaging, roll it down the penis, and then do your thing.” Right? Wrong. There’s a lot to know about condoms, actually: 

There’s A Right And A Wrong Way To Put On Condoms

It’s possible to put a condom on upside down. What?! Yes. Putting on a condom seems easy in the movies, whenever someone’s practicing on a banana. But bananas are a fruit and a penis is not. Mistakes happen. You can tell a condom is upside down if there’s any sort of resistance. Condoms should go on nice and easy. If you have to get a little rough with your condom when you’re putting it on, something’s not right.

Condom Size Matters

If you’re a guy with a regular sized penis, don’t kid yourself and buy the x-large condom box. Sorry if that pinched a nerve (no pun intended). If you wear a condom that’s too big for your penis you might as well have sex without protection because that Magnum condom isn’t going to protect anything on you…or your partner.

Less Is More When It Comes To Condoms

One condom at a time, okay? You might think it’s safer to wrap up with two condoms, but it’s really not. The friction that’ll occur between the two condoms will likely cause them to break which could result in an unplanned pregnancy or STD. Less is more with condoms, don’t double up. Never double up.

Condoms Don’t Affect How Good The Sex Is

There’s a stigma out there that sex is better without a condom. I’m a full believer that everyone’s sexual preferences are different and I’m not trying to call people who say, “I like it without a condom” liars. But, a survey was conducted that found, “Adults using a condom for intercourse were just as likely to rate the sexual extent positively in terms of arousal, pleasure, and orgasm than when having intercourse without one.” So while you might like sex without a condom, you’ll probably like it with a condom too. 

National Condom Day Exists

…and it falls on the same day as another holiday. You guessed it! Valentine’s Day and National Condom Day both take place on February 14th and that’s really because there’s such a peak in condom purchases on V-Day (can’t say I’m surprised).

Condoms Should Be Used During Oral Sex

I don’t know why people don’t typically consider oral sex to be “sex.” IT IS. And anytime you’re having sex, condoms (and maybe even other forms of contraceptives) should be used. If you’d use a condom during sex, why wouldn’t you use a condom during oral sex? After all, fluids are still being exchanged which means sexually transmitted diseases can still be spread. Always protect yourself!

Flavored Condoms Aren’t Meant For Vaginal Sex

Flavored condoms are really just meant for oral sex. Regular, latex condoms don’t taste very good which is why flavored condoms exist. They were created to make oral experiences more enjoyable. With that said, you shouldn’t use a flavored condom for penetrative sex because the sugar in those condoms can affect the pH balance of a vagina and cause infections. 

Condoms Can Expire And Go Bad

If you’ve had a condom in your wallet for a while now, please don’t use it. Most condoms have an expiration date. But even if that condom in your wallet isn’t expired, you’ve been walking around in the heat (or even cold) weather with it in your wallet for the last eight months and odds are that thing is dried out. Don’t try to use it because it probably won’t protect your or your partner. Throw that thing away and buy a new one. 

Condoms Can’t Be Used Twice

You’d think most men, and women would know this little fact. But for whatever reason, they don’t. I’m not sure if health class failed a majority of our society but the question, “Can I reuse the same condom?” is a popular one. Smh. For any of you men out there who think you can have sex, more than once, with the same condom let me be the one to shed some light on the situation for you…YOU CAN’T. If you ejaculated in a condom, you need to take that condom off before you have sex again. Why? Because when a man ejaculates their penis softens (even if it only softens a little bit) and that can cause semen to spill out and enter the woman.

A Lot Of People Use Condoms

How many condoms do you think are sold in the U.S. every year? I’ll give you a hint: It’s a lot. 450 million condoms are sold in the U.S. To put that number into perspective for you, 93% of sexually active women use condoms. So while they might not be the one buying the condoms every time, their partners are. And that’s a pretty impressive number of people who’re making sure they’re having safe sex. Yay!

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