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Benefits of using Casein

Benefits of using Casein

Benefits of using Casein

Benefits of Casein Protein to Weight Lifters and MMA Fighters

Casein proteins originate from dairy products. The most popular type comes in the form of calcium caseinate.  It is a very popular protein within the bodybuilding industry and this has prompted many MMA fighters to switch to its use. It is believed the protein is very good in regulating muscle growth.

Benefits of using Casein

One of the most beneficial things about Casein is its slow rate of abortion in the body. The main reason for the slow absorption is due to the fact that, casein clots forming what appears like “protein balls” within the stomach. This makes the protein stick around much longer making is good for fighting breakdown of muscles.

Another advantage of Casein protein is the fact that it contains VERY high amounts of Glutamine. Glutamine is very good in supporting muscle stability while at the same time preventing muscle tissue breakdown. This is one of the reasons most MMA fighters consume casein prior to going to bed so as to keep their muscles intact and strong.

MMA fighters engage in a lot of physical work and so they require more protein on a daily basis as compared to the average person.


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