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8 Dangerous Dieting Myths Busted

8 Dangerous Dieting Myths Busted

8 Dangerous Dieting Myths Busted



Diet facts versus fiction

There are dozens of diet myths that become popular with little or no evidence to back them up. As the new year is upon us and many people consider losing weight and getting in shape a priority. We wanted to assemble some of the more common dieting myths that exist.


Myth #1: Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

BUSTED!: The belief is that the caffeine in coffee acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Coffee can temporarily reduce your appetite however drinking even several cups a day wont have that large of an impact on your waist line. Add to the fact most people load up their coffee drinks with milk products and sweeteners that any net affect from the coffee is lost. Also consider this: Consuming four to six cups of coffee a day can lead to loss of sleep, anxiety and an increase in blood pressure.


Myth #2: Dieting is the Best Way to Lose Weight

BUSTED!: Changing to a structured diet plan that restricts calories will result in some short term weight loss. Restricting calories will lead to temporary changes but not to permanent losses.”A diet won’t work if you think of it as doing a different thing for a while and then you’re going to stop doing it,” says Christopher Gardner, an assistant professor of nutritional science at Stanford University School of Medicine. “If you have a new way of eating and think, I’m going to eat like this forever, that’s the way to lose weight.” And keep it off.

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