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8 Reasons Sunscreen Is The Ultimate Beauty Product

8 Reasons Sunscreen Is The Ultimate Beauty Product

8 Reasons Sunscreen Is The Ultimate Beauty Product

When we were kids, sunscreen was the most important product in our lives. Probably the only skin product we knew about at that age. As we got older, though, sunscreen kind of lost its importance. Maybe it’s because we’re not running around outside with our friends in 100 degrees weather anymore. But, even still, we need sunscreen just as much as we did when we were young. Sunscreen is the ultimate beauty product. Regardless of your age, or how much time you spend in the sun, sunscreen is the beauty product you need in your daily regimen — here’s why:

It Helps Prevent Dark Spots

Have you ever wondered why models have such flawless looking skin? While it could be genetics, another plausible reason is that they use sunscreen. Sunscreen keeps the face healthy and glowing. How? By keeping everything even. If you suffered from acne as a teenager, you probably have a few dark spots on your skin from the inflamed pimples. While sunscreen can’t get rid of your dark spots altogether, it can prevent them from darkening and keep new spots from popping up.

It Slows Down The Appearance Of Wrinkles

Sunscreen won’t stop you from aging…unfortunately. But it can slow down how quickly you age. Just make sure you’re putting sunscreen on every day! Applying a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher will prevent the sun from damaging your skin and creating wrinkles. Not only that, but sunscreen can also keep your skin from sagging and experiencing dry or rough patches. The number one cause of premature aging is ultraviolet exposure! The sun is honestly your skin’s biggest enemy. Make sure you’re fighting against the sun’s rays with sunscreen!

It Gets Rid Of Blotchiness

Do you suffer from blotchy skin? Or even the occasional red patch? Use sunscreen. Apply sunscreen to your face, throughout the day, to prevent your skin from getting irritated and looking blotchy and red. If you experience blotchy skin more often than not, you should make sure your sunscreen has an SPF of 30 or higher AND that you’re applying it to the affected areas.

It’s A Great Base For Your Foundation

Wearing sunscreen as a base underneath your foundation might be the biggest makeup hack you’re missing out on. Some foundations contain SPF but it’s typically not very high and therefore, doesn’t really work the same. Applying your own sunscreen before applying foundation will help your foundation go on smoother and reduce the look of clumps; while also keeping your skin protected. It’s incredibly important that when you’re applying sunscreen you’re applying it directly to your skin. Not on top of your makeup!

It Lowers Your Chance Of Getting Sun Cancer

I’m sure you’ve heard that wearing sunscreen can prevent skin cancer, but you probably didn’t take that too seriously. You should, though! One in five people develop skin cancer and the main reason for that is because they don’t wear sunscreen (or rather, they don’t wear sunscreen with a high SPF). Not protecting yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays will increase your chances of getting cancer and that’s something you want to avoid!

It Prevents Sunburns

Everyone’s experienced a sunburn before. It happens to the best of us and it’s usually a result of going outside and forgetting to put on sunscreen. Right? Right. While sunburns don’t seem like a big deal, they actually are. Sunburns are really bad for your skin. They cause peeling, swelling, and redness that weakens your skin over time. If you’re trying to fight against wrinkles and bad skin, you need to avoid constantly getting sunburnt.

It’s Easy To Apply And Re-Apply

Here’s the thing about sunscreen, if you’re not applying it throughout the day you’re not going to receive all the beauty benefits. Sunscreen needs to be applied and re-applied all day every day. If you put sunscreen on in the morning and don’t put any more on for the rest of the day, what’s the point? Your skin is rolling around unprotected while you go out and about and that’s not good! The old rule of thumb is this: Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before you go outside. Follow this rule! Keep a tube of sunscreen in your bag so you can put it on throughout the day, no matter where you are.

It’s Incredibly Convenient

There’s really no reason to not wear sunscreen! Besides the fact that you can buy sunscreen anywhere, it’s incredibly multifaceted. You can buy sunscreen in a lotion, a spray, etc. I know you might think you’re keeping your skin healthy simply by using a daily cleanser and moisturizer. But if there’s no sunscreen in your moisturizer, you’re not keeping your skin as healthy as you might think. Buy some sunscreen! Or, buy a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Make applying sunscreen a habit and your skin will thank you!

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