8 Unexpected Signs Of Early-Onset Dementia

8 Unexpected Signs Of Early-Onset Dementia

Odds are, most of us know someone who’s been touched by Alzheimer’s Disease. This disease is incredibly common — around 50 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed.

Typically when people think of Dementia they think it’s something only older people experience. It’s true, both Dementia and Alzheimers are most common around 65 years of age. But that doesn’t mean younger people don’t have to worry. Early-onset Dementia might not be as common, but it happens. In the U.S. around 200,000 people have Early-onset Dementia — which normally hits when someone is around 40 years of age. 

While it’s scary to think about, knowing the signs of Early-onset Dementia can you help you get ahead of the disease and hopefully increase your survival rate. Here are 8 unexpected signs you should always be watching out for:

Sudden Change In Mood

Depression is a very common symptom of Dementia. Typically, when people notice they’re starting to lose their memory they become anxious and unhappy which grows into depression. But, if you’re still in the early stages of Dementia, and you don’t realize something’s happening to you, you probably aren’t going to experience depression. You might, however, notice a severe change in your mood.

One day, you wake up and go from being a shy introvert to an outgoing extrovert. Dementia affects judgment. If you’re all of a sudden taking risks and trying things you never felt comfortable trying before, that could be a sign something’s happening!

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