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9 Things You Should Never Wear When You're Working Out

9 Things You Should Never Wear When You’re Working Out

9 Things You Should Never Wear When You’re Working Out

Every day you spend time getting dressed for something — work, happy hour with friends, even just lounging around the house. You don’t just throw on clothes (or at least not usually.)

You think about what you’re about to do and then you pick your clothes accordingly. Well, the same way you get dressed for those things is the same way you should be getting dressed for the gym.

Here are a few things you should steer clear of when you’re going to the gym:

Tight Clothes

There’s a difference between tight clothes and compression clothes. Compression clothes are those pants and shorts you see gym-enthusiasts wearing on Instagram. Tight clothes, on the other hand, are those five-year leggings you have to squeeze into whenever you put them on.

Don’t wear clothes that hurt when you pull them over your waist. You should be able to bend and squat without feeling restricted. Tight clothes don’t just make you feel uncomfortable, they cause cramping and restrict your breathing. You don’t want that when you’re working out!

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