9 Ways To Detox After Memorial Day Weekend


You spent Memorial Weekend eating (and probably drinking) a little too much and now, you feel horrible; bloated, lethargic, and uninterested in doing simple tasks — like, walking. A long weekend is great and taking a day to remember the people who died in the armed forces is so important! But, if you spent the last three days eating a ton of ribs and drinking a ton of beer, you’re probably ready for a cleanse. Here are a few ways to detox and cleanse your body after a successful Memorial Day Weekend:

Get Some Sleep

Odds are, you didn’t get the best rest this weekend — you were having to much fun, right? Well, now that the weekend’s over the first thing you need to do is get back on track with your sleep schedule. Sleep is important, but not just so you can be productive during the day. When you sleep, your body reduces inflammation. In other words, it detoxifies itself….so get some sleep!