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A Cuddle Buddy Can Improve Your Overall Well-being

A Cuddle Buddy Can Improve Your Overall Well-being

A Cuddle Buddy Can Improve Your Overall Well-being

The power of touch is undeniably cool. Magical, even. When someone wraps their arms around you; or vice versa–It releases an immediate response. To many individuals, it can be compared to a natural sedative. To others, physical touch triggers feelings of joy and overall happiness.

You know that feeling, the one when someone pulls you close. Your breath suddenly becomes lighter, and a part of you feels like your melting into a cloud. It’s as if the more they surround you with their embrace, the deeper your shoulders relax, and any worries seem to disappear.

A good cuddle session, or even a warm hug, can bring a sense of lightness that sweeps over your heart, and gives your mind a glimpse of serenity. The more you become intertwined in arms and legs, it makes you wish you had additional limbs to create even more contact.

So, what is it that happens during cuddling or close contact that makes you feel like you’re melting into clouds? Or why is it that during a time of loneliness, your body and mind crave that physical touch?

One thing is for sure; it’s much more than figuring out if you like to be the spoon, or be spooned. So, let’s take a few moments to dissect the desire for physical touch, and why it makes us feel like we’re floating on cloud nine.

Triggers The Love Hormone

For starters, the act of cuddling releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is that feel-good hormone, which is also referred to as the bonding, or love hormone. And when it’s released, a lot of really good things happen.

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