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Avoiding A Food Coma On Thanksgiving Is Easier Than You Think

Avoiding A Food Coma On Thanksgiving Is Easier Than You Think

Avoiding A Food Coma On Thanksgiving Is Easier Than You Think

Where do you see yourself after Thanksgiving dinner this year? Curled up in a ball wishing you hadn’t eaten so much? Or maybe; feeling totally content and enjoying the company of others? If you answered, “Yes” to that last question, then you’ve got the right idea.

When we are in good company, food and drinks tend to go down with ease. Add an entire buffet to that and you’ve got a recipe for pure overindulgence. There’s no doubt Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy food with one another, but when there’s so much of it; it can certainly be overstimulating.

Along with overstimulation, it can become a challenge to find a balance of; just right, and way too much. And that way too much outcome is never fun. You know the feeling; your eyes become heavy and glazed, your stomach feels overwhelmed. It begins to look like you’re dressing up like Santa a bit early, and your mind turns foggy. Which is a total slug-fest bummer.

On the flip side, when you eat the right amount, you still have a pep in your step, a smile on your face, and are ready to mingle. So, the outcome of how you feel after Thanksgiving dinner this year depends on your actions throughout the day. If you’d like to have some pep left at in the evening, follow these tips as an appetizer.


Eat With Awareness

Take it slow, savor the taste, and enjoy each bite. Unless you’ve entered a timed eating contest; there’s no rush. Relax, unwind, and truly be thankful for the food in front of you. Notice to flavors and textures. Take in the aromas of the entire display. Be present and actually take those recommended 20-30 chews each time.

Everyone puts a lot of work into cooking a Thanksgiving meal. Be able to tell them what it was about the mashed potatoes you liked so much, or why that was the best squash you’ve ever tasted. Be aware of what you’re eating.

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