The Best Fitness Equipment You’re Not Using!


In a world where treadmill, vibrating ab belts, machine cycles, and shake weights exist, one thing is for sure, they’ve had their time in the limelight. It’s difficult to tell whether a strange bit of exercise equipment is part of an organization ploy to suck an enormous amount of money from unsuspecting, out-of-condition consumers, or a breakthrough innovation which offers superior fitness and health benefits. To make the gray area a bit clearer, we asked the help of Jon Hinds, founding father of Monkey Bar Gyms and gear inventor for Lifeline Fitness. From modern age tools to everyday items that have been employed for hundreds of years, we recognized this¬†non-traditional workout equipment which are super powerful.

The weighted jump rope is an excellent tool because it gives the perfect quantity of resistance to challenge the lungs and muscles, Hinds says. The key is to utilize a weight that is heavy enough to make your exercise more challenging, but not overly hard where you lose interest. Jump forwards and back with the weighted jump rope to improve the human speed, power, and conditioning you use very different muscles and challenge the body, whipping it into fighting form.

Attempt: Crossrope has interchangeable handles, so that you may switch out the weighted jump rope cables dependant upon your target.

They have ropes for strength, speed, cardio, weight reduction and power workout routines, so you have an affordable all-in-one strength and conditioning piece of gear that may be used virtually anywhere.

Consider adding sand bags to the human rotation of kettlebells and dumbbells, not only do they have a different feel, but they will give you a hell of a good workout. The uncertainty of sand bags makes them an excellent tool for odd lifting since your muscles have to work much harder to strengthen the shifting weight, Hinds says.

Try: Brute Force Training makes sandbags different in weight and size catered to your goals.

Battle ropes are efficient because they challenge the entire body and increase conditioning, speed, stability, and power in a different way than using kettlebells, dumbbells, and bars by utilizing a complete selection of dynamic hip extensions, Hinds says. Variations as quick hand waves, large snap downs, side-to-side whips, spirals, and slams all work the human legs, hips, glutes, abs, arms and back, give you a killer all over burn in a routine that is safe and easy to master.

Try: Onnit has a broad range of polypropylene ropes designed to be practically climate, water, and shed proof.