Cardio-Free Fat-Burning Workout For Even The Couch Potatoes


I think it’s safe to say that most of us have to be talked into going to the gym, but with the new year coming up and gym membership registration at its yearly peak, the motivation to get off the couch is a little higher than normal. But even the most intense gym rats struggle with summoning the will to do cardio, always searching for the next excuse to bail.

Unfortunately, as sweaty and exhausting as it is, cardio is probably the most important part of a workout, and should never be perceived as optional, even if you are looking to bulk up instead of lean out.

Pixabay / skeeze

I get it. It’s not bikini season, and it’s so easy to hide the extra fat under ginormous sweaters, but the reality is, cardio keeps your heart strong and your metabolism healthy.

But this isn’t new information for most of us, and sometimes this isn’t enough to sway people into hitting the treadmills. Instead of giving people more reasons to incorporate cardio into their workouts, Muscle Fitness decided to provide an alternative fast-paced, resistance-training workout that can be done a few times per week for muscle definition that keeps your heart working hard too.