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eGym’s Global Domination and Why You Should Care

eGym’s Global Domination and Why You Should Care

eGym’s Global Domination and Why You Should Care

There is a huge trend today to keep track of our calories, steps and what muscles we are even using. With so many apps literally at our fingertips, it can be difficult to navigate which app we should use or spend time working on. While there are plenty of magnificent apps out there eGym has sparked the interest of many fitness gurus and serious people looking to shed pounds or become healthier.

Digital training is becoming a huge part of our everyday lives and CEO for Netpulse, the #1 provider of mobile apps for health clubs has taken a huge interest in eGym. So much so that Netpulse is deeply partnering with eGym for global domination.

“In fully aligning our efforts we are forming the most powerful open, independent cloud ecosystem in the industry with the participation of dozens of partners and over 12,000 fitness facilities. Our fully integrated features address the most important problems facing gym owners globally.” Said John Ford, CEO of Netpulse. He went on to say, “It only made sense that we also support each other on the business and operation side and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to personally drive eGym North America’s growth alongside Netpulse.

Global domination is already taking place between eGym and Netpulse especially when it comes to growing the brand in North America. So why should you care? Because chances are if you go to any big name fitness facility such as Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness and Fitness Evolution you are already going to be using eGym. The software is also easy to use because you can use it on multiple devices. eGym is integrated into almost everything! It’s integrated into multiple phone platforms, Fitbit, Pulse Fitness, Matrix, Runkeeper and more. You could already be using eGym and not yet realize it.

The main goal of eGym is to bring your fitness goals to life. It’s to embrace what you can do for yourself and really track what’s happening so you can visualize it. In the past old pedometers and other “exercise” or “calorie” tracking devices were hard to keep up with, but eGym wants to be a personal e-trainer for you that you can easily use and access.

So what can you do besides tracking in eGym? A whole lot! You can get an analysis of your workout to see what muscles you aren’t working and what you need to start doing. It also helps figure out what exercises are best for you. Making a personal fitness plan easier than ever to create. You can even plan your workouts!

Have you ever gotten home from work and just felt beat? You don’t know when you will have time for that workout between the kids or your Significant Other’s activities. No worries! With eGym, you can come up with the perfect schedule suited to you. Which is great if you’re a planner like myself.

This app even tells you where your workout imbalances lie. Perhaps your right leg is weaker than your left leg. This app will let you know and show you what you need to do to make them evenly strengthened.

The core functionality of eGym is that you can access your gym coach’s training plan and access your own personally modified templates. You can even document how you are doing via a report in the app. Ever wonder how you are doing compared to your best friend? You can actually compare these items on the app. You can use this to motivate each other and make it a friendly competition even. The best part is you can choose from over 500 exercises with animated movement demonstrations and instructions to show you exactly what you need to be doing without even setting foot in the gym! This fitness app has literally thought of everything.

You should care because eGym is the wave of the future and whether you like it or not it’s coming to a gym near you. Although I know you will like it because there is nothing to not like about becoming healthier and doing it easier. This app was created in Germany, but thanks to Netpulse’s partnership we can all take advantage of this amazing app. If it’s not yet in your country don’t worry. It will be coming soon because global eGym domination has already begun.

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