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Eight D.I.Y Remedies for Allergies

Eight D.I.Y Remedies for Allergies

Eight D.I.Y Remedies for Allergies

It’s spring. Everything is blossoming and blooming, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Well not if you have allergies. If your eyes are watering, your nose is plugged up and you’re itchy all over, you could have a much different view of springtime and some allergies can even go into summer and fall.

So what can you do to make yourself feel better? Is there any remedy that will give you some relief that won’t cost tons of money? Is there some way you can get rid of the itchy, watery and unpleasant symptoms without having to go to the doctor? Well, sometimes the doctor is the best way to go if your allergies have become so severe and nothing is working. However, if you have minor allergies or you want to give something else a try than what you have already been doing here are some great do-it-yourself ideas for allergies that might help.

1. Neti pots or Saline Rinse

Neti pots are great because they cure natural allergies the best. This literally is a shower for your nasal passages and it’s with a sterile saline solution so it’s pretty safe. This will flush out the allergies clogging you up and loosen your mucus. Many people swear by the Neti pots and/or saline rinses.

What you will want to do: Take a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda. Mix those ingredients with warm water in a glass. The saline solution is ready for you. You can pour it in the neti pot and then tilt it to your head. Pour the solution into one nostril. Allow the solution to come out the other nostril by taking a breath from your mouth. Repeat for the other nostril. Repeat once a week if you continue to have allergies.

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