Feed Your Craft Smoothie Desires With These Powerhouse Ingredients

Feed Your Craft Smoothie Desires With These Powerhouse Ingredients

Does anyone else crave a good smoothie? Not just any smoothie with some watered down, frozen berries; but the kind that holds an undeniable smoothness that is rich, creamy, and leaves you wanting more.

They’re laced with pops of vibrant colors and unleash the taste to wake up all of your senses. There’s no denying their impressive flavors while being jam-packed with a list of health benefits. This is the type of smoothie you could mistake for an appealing dessert. But, you’re aware that what your indulging in, is, in fact, a whirlwind of nutrition, so there’s no guilt. Yeah, one of those.

This is the type of smoothie your body craves after a big workout, a long day, or especially as a treat. It doesn’t even matter what the temperature is like outside when you have created a smoothie this good; you don’t mind drinking it alongside your beanie and mittens. If your taste buds are starting to tingle, then you know what I’m talking about. A few lucky ones out there will master this success at the first press of “Blend,” others will have gone through many phases of trial and error to hit the jackpot. Either way, once you hit it, there’s no turning back.

You can call yourself a craft smoothie maker at this point – you’ve earned it. There is most definitely a deliciously formed art to mastering some serious smoothie making skills. Surprisingly enough, the combination is quite simple. It really comes down to multi-functional ingredients and smooth blending. The best part, once you have it down, there’s always room for deeper exploration.

So, if you would like to start feeling like an awesome, health-blending, craft-smoothie making machine. Get the health nerd in you ready for these superfood and high profile nutrition additions. Prepare to impress yourself, your taste buds, and your health as well.


More than just a simple powder. Maca increases energy levels, reduces stress, promotes healthy brain function, and helps balance hormones. (Goodbye, unwelcomed hot flashes) It beholds the power to feed endurance, vitality, and also encourages and supports healthy sexual function and libido. (Helllloo, welcomed hot flashes.)

Maca blends well with various berries, almond butter, and dates.

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