Fitness Bloggers Who Want You to Know the Truth Behind Their Stunning Instagram Photos


We have all been there, scrolling through our Instagram feed and there is a gorgeous person we want to look like, but think “I will never be like them”. Try as we might attain our body goals through fitness goals we may not ever look like those models or so we think. What if it was about more than just a pretty picture. What if we could look like the best version of ourselves right now but with a few fixes to the angles of our camera and how we place our body?

1. Anna Victoria

Just so happens the Body love app founder got a little more honest about how photos really look when she isn’t flexing or standing in a good angle. She can look like she has normal, I stress, normal body rolls that we all have when we sit certain ways or are at certain angles. She sent photos of herself that look completely different body-wise, but aren’t photoshopped.

On the left side of the picture, Victoria is standing up, modeling a bikini top and a pair of high-cut briefs. Her stomach appears flat but muscular, and her entire body appears fit, yet lean. On the left side, we see a different angle of the fitness blogger. In this, she’s sitting down, making no effort to camouflage any part of her body.

In contrast to the first image, this one shows a slightly less toned body: She’s curvier and less muscular (but still just as beautiful). The images were taken on the same day—presumably, just minutes apart— however, thanks to Victoria’s mastery of flattering photo angles, they look completely different.