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Fitspiration: Amber Blom

Fitspiration: Amber Blom

Fitspiration:  Amber Blom
1468444063-amberblomIt could have been coincidence, but perhaps it was actually fate that led Amber Blom to the competition stage for the first time.
In 2011, Amber’s trainer made the suggestion that she consider competing in the bikini division. This was a conversation that was overheard by another competitor in the gym who then approached the two to say, “I don’t mean to interrupt, but I overheard you talking about competing and I think you’d do great at it. You have the look for that division.”
Amber got the name of the competitor’s coach, Tara Thatcher of Perfectly Prepared, who she contacted that same evening to learn about all the different federations and divisions. “I think that day we picked my first competition,” Amber recalled. The date she and Tara set for her stage debut was April 2012.
Amber took 1st place Regional in that show and later that year went on to take 4th place at a national competition. The following year, she took first place in her class and was named the overall winner and received her pro card. She competed several more times, including in May 2014 where she took 1st place in the Bikini Pro Division. “The biggest thing for me was gaining confidence,” she said. “I struggled with insecurity my whole life – never feeling like I had my own thing. I lived in the shadows of my siblings and friends. Winning my first show was a definite confidence booster and the pivotal moment of believing in myself.”
Now, after taking a few years off from competing, Amber can reflect back on her competitions, “Trophies are material, and in fact I threw all of them away, but gaining confidence and self-love are the only things that matter.”
Amber is ready to come back to the fitness industry with a more mature mindset. “It’s not about getting as lean as possible, it’s not about sacrificing everything and everyone for the sake of staying on track,” she said. “My goal is to show my peers that a healthy balance is possible. I love having drinks with my friends and going out for ice cream with my husband. Those are all perfectly fine and attainable as long as the rest of the time you make healthy choices.” MS&F

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