How to Live a Zen Lifestyle


With life in a constant state of the hustle and bustle it can be difficult to slow down and relax for a while; and because of this, you may find your patience hanging at the end of a rope.

But you shouldn’t allow yourself to give in to impatience; it is proven that those who find themselves impatient on a regular basis have an increase in stress; while those who exercise their patience lead generally happier lives. Of course, this may be easier said than done; however, you can work to improve your tolerance and get yourself to the point of feeling great about anything and everything.

As long as life is, it can be very short as well, and sometimes it is best just to take the time to enjoy yourself and bring happiness on your longest ride. Here are some tips to practicing patience so that you can feel not only better towards yourself, but also towards situations that may prove to be frustrating. Enjoy:

Impatient Giveaways:

Some important giveaways to take note of with rising impatience is not only your emotions but also your body language.

Shallow or short breathing, tightening and clenching your fists, muscle tension, and restlessness are all common forms of body language that can come from impatientness.

Mentally, you can recognize impatientness through the feeling of anxiety or frustration, and be on the verge, or act out, quick decisions without thinking said decisions all the way through; most likely just for the reasoning of getting something done.

You can feel these signs within yourself or see them in others as the clues can be distinct.

Recognize Your Impatience:

Whether you’re becoming antsy or tired of waiting in a line; or someone is stubborn while you’re attempting to get them to understand your point of view; you may feel yourself becoming impatient.

One of your first tasks for dissolving your impatient results is to come to the acknowledgment that to realize that yes, you do have an issue with becoming impatient. That is the best first step you can take to helping yourself out in the long run.

You don’t have to admit it to anyone other than yourself. Just realize that you know, so this way you can start your journey to working on it.