How To Quickly Become A Morning Person


Are you someone who shutters at the thought of waking up before 8 am? Do you press the “snooze” button, at least three times, before finally getting out of bed in the morning? Well then, it sounds like you’re not a morning person! Odds are, you probably already knew that about yourself. But have you ever tried to do something about that? You don’t need to completely change yourself to become a morning person. All you need to do is use these eight tips to trick your body into thinking you’re a person who actually likes waking up early in the morning:

Go To Sleep Early

You can’t wake up early if you don’t go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I know you might want to go out and party all night (especially if you’re a night owl) but that’s going to make it impossible for you to become a morning person. You can’t feel refreshed at 6 am if you’re up until 2 am. That’s only four hours of sleep! Your body needs somewhere between 7-9 hours of sleep to really feel refreshed. So, even though you might not want to, try to go to sleep early!