If You Don’t Already Keep A Journal, You’ll Want To After Knowing What It Does For You

If You Don’t Already Keep A Journal, You’ll Want To After Knowing What It Does For You

There’s something about a pen and paper that welcomes your thoughts. It’s basically sitting there, begging you to unravel all the chaos and excitement that’s bottle up in your noggin. If a journal had a face, it would have the most trusting grin with the biggest, lash-batting eyes. It would hold an eye contact that reassures you of its safety.

A journal is a sacred place. You can tell it your deepest secrets and fears while exposing your most insane ideas. And there’s not a single second you will receive judgment or criticism. Outside of your own head, it’s more than likely the only other place in the world that really gets to know you on the truest level; is a journal.

It’s constantly all ears and is always an openly blank space to allow you to take whichever road you need to go down that day. The availability to express yourself is always there, and you will never be turned down. Even your best friend in the entire world can’t offer what a journal can. We’re all human. A journal on the other hand– is not.

If you have kept a journal, you will automatically know that there’s this deeply intimate feeling associated with it. It’s what provides comfort through a storm, and celebration through the light. Your authentic words are scattered across the pages with smudges and smears, exclamation marks and many misspellings. It’s all in there, and that’s where it stays. All those thoughts, safely between you and your journal.

Now, what you probably didn’t realize… is this whole time you’ve been expressing all your inner workings, you have been doing a whole lot more for yourself. And although this will come as no surprise; it’s all really, really good for you.

How does your brain feel after shamelessly blurting out your wildest thoughts into your journal?

Good, refreshed, vulnerable, relieved, exhausted, and intrigued? Probably even more, right? Well, it makes sense.

Writing in a journal relaxes you and loosens up your expressive muscles. No doubt, that’s a muscle worth flexing. Here’s a few looks at just what journaling does for you. (Although you could probably already feel it.)

Shakes Away Anxiety

Expressing yourself in a journal brings you into a different state of mind. You become aware of your thoughts and feelings, then actively express them in a safe place.

It allows you to break through any walls of fear or anxiety and lets you say exactly what is on your mind.

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