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Ignore The Scale - Here's How You Know You're Healthy

Ignore The Scale – Here’s How You Know You’re Healthy

Ignore The Scale – Here’s How You Know You’re Healthy

A lot of people rely on the scale to answer one very important question — “Am I healthy?”

But here’s the thing, a scale isn’t an accurate way to determine whether or not you’re in good condition. Besides the fact that scales can be inaccurate, and the average person’s weight fluctuates throughout the day — a number doesn’t make you healthy. You know what makes you healthy? Eating right, taking care of your body, and feeling your BEST. That’s what makes you healthy!

Ignore the scale, and the number staring up at you, and focus on these nine things. Here’s how to tell you’re in good shape:

Your Skin Is Flawless

Your skin determines a lot about your underlying health. If you constantly suffer from adult acne, that could be a sign you have hormonal or digestive issues. How’s your skin? Basically flawless?! Sounds like you’re doing just fine — even if the number on the scale isn’t exactly what you’d like it to be! After all, your skin is your largest organ. If you have clear and smooth skin that’s a pretty good sign you’re in perfect health.

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