Instagram Kids Who Are Fashion Famous


Do you ever wake up in the morning and go through your closet and feel like a total diva? You have the best look of all of your friends and you put a lot of thought to your style. Well, the following kids are all Insta-famous and wearing the same clothes that you wish you had hanging in your closet and they aren’t even teens yet.


London Scout (118K Followers)

London is one half of a mother-daughter fashion-blogging duo, and she is making some serious waves in the fashion world. London is always rocking big-name brands like Kardashian Kids, Haus of Jr, and she has even walked the runway for Laer! We love her fashion-forward style of oversized outerwear, bold prints, and trendy Adidas tennis shoes.

Lavinia (1.6K Followers)

This adorable little girl is definitely a model in the making. She’s gorgeous, has all the poses down, and her sense of style is far beyond her years. Some of her favorite brands are Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kenneth Cole. Like any lady, she loves feminine dresses, structured coats, and cozy knit hats for those chilly winter days.


Gavin (207K Followers)

This little dude is already a lady killer. He almost looks like a mini version of Gavin DeGraw with all the hats, collared jackets, and a winning smile. Some of his favorite brands include Guess, Blundstone, and Coco Blanc, so it’s sometimes hard to remember that Gavin is still just a kid because his style is so mature!