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As the Keto Diet Gains Popularity, Yogurt Trends Change!

As the Keto Diet Gains Popularity, Yogurt Trends Change!

As the Keto Diet Gains Popularity, Yogurt Trends Change!

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As the Keto Diet Gains Popularity, Yogurt Trends Change!

As the Keto Diet Gains Popularity, Yogurt Trends Change!

For people who have been wondering whether or not the Keto diet works, they should just look at the yogurt industry for proof.

Sales of light and fat-free yogurts have taken a hit in sales in recent years, and much of that is because more people are choosing high fat, low carb diets like the Keto diet.

General Mills just announced on Tuesday that they would be focusing more on selling their yogurts with higher fat contents since yogurt sales trends have been geared more towards “calories that count,” as opposed to yogurts in the diet or light categories.

General Mills said that their yogurt sales were down 20 percent for the quarter, and they believed it was because of yogurts higher in fats, taste better, and are often used for diets that focus on high fats and low carbohydrate intakes like the Keto or Atkins diet. The other yogurts, remove the fat and replace it with sugar, leaving little benefit in choosing a yogurt that doesn’t taste as good as the original.

As a result, General Mills is launching its whole milk Yoplait custard yogurt line. Yoplait custard has more calories than original Yoplait and is said to taste better than the original as well.

Jeff Harmening, the company’s president and chief operating officer, says, “Consumers are making the trade-off, they want their calories to count — something that keeps them full throughout the day.”

General Mills plans on launching more Yogurts this summer that will compete with Greek yogurts like Dannon’s Oikos brand yogurts. They admit to missing the trend when the yogurt market started changing several years ago, and they know the only way to keep up with today’s yogurt buyer is to adjust to the trend.

For people who have diabetes, or are watching their carbohydrate intake, the light and diet brands just aren’t an option. But for individuals who are on some form of high-fat diet, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and can be used as a substitute or additive when making a low-carb, high-fat sauce or salad dressing.

General Mills hopes that this move into the premium yogurt market will help them compete with the brands that have been squelching their sales for the past year and a half. They also acknowledged that their cereal sales fell, as people are eating fewer carbs, though not as much as their yogurt sales.

Harmening vowed that they were on top of the trends, and would be assessing the diets of the consumers more carefully, and would make adjustments accordingly. General Mills said it plans to narrow the gap on pricing in its fiscal fourth quarter. And, even though General Mills took a hit for the fiscal year, their earnings still came to 72 cents per share, which was a penny more than the analysts expected.

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