Normal Things That Can Have A Harmful Effect On You


When you eat or allow your body to consume anything; typically under the right conditions it is okay; unfortunately, anything can be harmful if not taken in moderation.

Here is a list of both foods and commonly used items that can be harmful to you and your body, if used in excess.

Stay safe and inform your friends and family so that they can also keep themselves safe:


Carrots, which are known and much of the time used for their beta-carotene; can also be a problem for the human body. Having too much beta-carotene can be problematic for the pigment in your skin; causing it to turn to an orange or yellow shade.

This health problem is called Carotenemia and most times occurs in infants or toddlers who eat carrot purees. This issue can also occur in adults, teenagers, or children who eat way too many carrots in their diet. However, just know that you would need to eat half a cup of carrots every day for months to get your skin to that point.

To be on the safe side, limit your carrot amount to around two cups per week.

(Raw) Tuna

Raw Tuna is something you should be careful about ingesting when at your local sushi bar. Raw Tuna, like all deep-sea fish, have mercury levels in them that transfers into your own body when consuming them. Overeating and allowing your body to take in this much mercury can lead to Mercury poisoning, which can lead to other health issues.

Mercury Poisoning can bring problems with your lungs and kidneys, and while all tuna can have this high mercury level; raw tuna has the highest amount. Tuna is safe to eat in moderation, but remember to never go overboard with it.


Inside of tea, there is an ingredient called oxalate which can cause health problems with your kidneys. There is oxalate found in many teas, such as iced tea, black tea, and even some veggies such as rhubarb and spinach.

One man from Arkansas drunk around sixteen cups of iced tea every day which caused him to have to be admitted to the hospital because of reoccurring stomach aches, muscle pains, and weakness. This health problem was because of the oxalate which was clodding up his kidneys.

Because of these sixteen cups of tea per day, he was consuming around three to ten times more oxalate than the average American.

Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea has been a favorite beverage for the number of health benefits it has been known to give. Unfortunately, along with all the benefits, there is a substantial problem with this drink as well; and that has to do with its high acidity count.

Although it, for the most part, is harmless; there have been reports of this beverage causing panic attacks or causing illnesses because of bacterias or molds that have been left inside of it; from the fermentation process of mushrooms, which gives it that acidic taste.


Coffee has been claimed to be many people’s best friend. It started as a newly found friendship that helped out during the average weekday, and for some, it ended up evolving into more of reliance than just a quick, friendly supporter.

While we know coffee is just trying to do its job; having too much of it can do more harm than good for you on your regular day-to-day basis. Drinking too much can cause dizziness, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeats, and nausea. You may already know that you have to drink a lot to get to this point, but that’s why you should keep in mind not to go over at least 400 mg per day.