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People Are Obsessed With These "Healthy" Food Trends

People Are Obsessed With These “Healthy” Food Trends

People Are Obsessed With These “Healthy” Food Trends

Right now, people are obsessed with healthy foods and trends centered around living a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about eating right, but not just to lose weight — it’s also about improving one’s overall health. More and more people are experiencing health issues; whether those issues be serious or mild. Which is why people aren’t simply trusting the ingredients on their foods anymore, they’re doing their own research to make sure what they’re putting in their mouth isn’t going to wreak havoc on their body.

If you’re not questioning your food, maybe you should start.

There’s a reason certain healthy foods are trending. It’s not just because people are bored and want to spend too much money on “healthy eats.” It’s because these 10 food trends are so great for your health:

Turmeric (Anything)

Turmeric is a spice that originated in India. It’s recently gained quite a lot of popularity in the U.S. and that’s because it’s a very versatile ingredient. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. It can ease upset stomachs and also help with any major digestive issues. Turmeric has been known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, prevent heart problems, and alleviate joint pains. What’s so great about this spice is that it can be easily added to almost any recipe. People put turmeric in their coffee, desserts, smoothies, and even soups.

Matcha Green Tea

Nowadays, you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone holding a green drink. Odds are, what they’re drinking is a tasty beverage called matcha. More specifically, matcha green tea. This beverage comes from Japanese culture and it’s been consumed for a very, very long time. Not just because it tastes good, but because it’s high in antioxidants and burns calories. Matcha is also a mood enhancer that’ll detoxify your body and have you feeling amazing.

Pea Protein

Pea Protein is a non-dairy muscle builder that aids in weight loss, like many other proteins. But this type of protein specifically lowers your hunger level. Consuming pea protein will stop you from feeling hungry all the time and will also increase muscle growth and muscle recovery. Needless to say, this vegetable-based protein is a good alternative for other dairy infused proteins.

Food Infused With Marijuana

There’s a current push to legalize marijuana in every state. So far, quite a few states have legalized weed for medicinal purposes because of all the positive benefits. Weed is used to treat chronic pain, glaucoma, anxiety, and has even been found to prevent cancer cells from spreading. It’s no wonder cannabis-infused food has become so popular. Instead of smoking weed or taking a pill, people have found a way to put weed in their food to hide the intense smell and taste but still get the benefits.

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

Dairy has a lot of negative effects on the body, the main one being digestive issues. Which is why more and more people have jumped on the non-dairy train. Almond milk, coconut milk, and even oat milk is a popular replacement for the typical whole milk.

Kombucha Tea

Fermented foods and drinks are becoming very trendy. The drink I hear about most is Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea that’s rich in probiotics and AMAZING for your gut. If you experience any sort of digestive discomfort, you should seriously consider drinking Kombucha tea. It’ll improve your immune system, your digestive system, detoxify your body, and even help you lose weight. Kombucha raises your energy level, too. So next time you’re feeling a little sluggish, drink some Kombucha instead of an energy drink.


You’ve heard of greek yogurt before, but you probably haven’t heard of Skyr. This yogurt started in Iceland and has recently made its way to the mainstream. Similar to greek yogurt, Skyr yogurt has a very interesting texture but there’s a great deal of protein in this skim milk yogurt. Oh, and did I mention Skyr has few calories?!

Rooibos Tea

Green tea is great for you, but there are a lot of other healthy teas that are just as good. Rooibos tea is a herbal tea made from the leaves of a rooibos bush. This type of tea can get rid of headaches, help treat asthma, and even cure allergies. What’s so great about this tea, compared to others, besides the health benefits is that it has ZERO caffeine which is ideal for people who hate caffeine but still want to drink tea.

Quinoa Rice

White and brown rice has been replaced with quinoa. And honestly, you probably wouldn’t even know the difference. Quinoa, when cooked correctly, can be just as tasty as any other grain. But with way more health benefits. This popular plant is rare. Unlike most plant-based foods, quinoa contains nine amino acids, is gluten-free, and high in protein.

Boxed Water

Bottled water is out. Now, it’s all about boxed water. Boxed water isn’t as convenient or easy to get your hands on as bottled water, but it’s better for the environment. Boxed water is 100% recyclable. 74% of every box is made out of paper, 20% plastic, and 6% aluminum. The point of boxed water is to offset our carbon footprint which helps protect our planet. No wonder everyone is so obsessed with this healthy choice.

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