Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet


Everywhere you look these days, either you or someone you know is on the Keto Diet. If it isn’t you, yourself, it is one of your friends whose body has been transformed by weight loss, and when you ask how they did it, their response is always the same, “Oh, I’ve been on the Keto Diet.”

You cannot deny the results that the Keto Diet offers, people on the diet, do lose weight, some even lose massive amounts but how and why does this particular diet work do well and why is it so popular? Is it the Atkins Diet? Why does it work?

These are some of the aspects we will explore while focusing on the Pros and Cons of this very popular diet trend, then you can decide for yourself if you have the discipline it takes to succeed on this diet, or if you may need to go a different route to becoming Zenhealthy.



You will lose weight on this diet if you do it correctly, it is impossible not to. It forces you to pay attention to the foods you eat making you more aware of what you were eating before and unhealthy patterns you may have been following.

You will detox your body of all of those processed foods that often make you feel bad. Too many carbs can often make you feel groggy or tired, by removing those carbs, you will feel naturally energized making you more active, and leading to better results.

Once you are used to the Keto Diet, it becomes second nature, freeing your mind from the questions of “What can I eat next” or “Why am I still hungry” that you get from overloading on carbs. The truth is, your body craves carbs, so, if you wake up in the morning and eat something sweet that causes your blood sugar to rise, you will remain hungry the rest of the day. Your body will crave more carbs to avoid the crash that is coming from not having them. So, if you aren’t as active in your daily life, the carbs you eat turn into added pounds.

The Keto diet is ideal for diabetics, prediabetics and those suffering from metabolic syndrome since you are cutting all of those unhealthy foods from your system that raise your insulin.

As long as you are not genetically challenged, it can lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise your good cholesterol (HDL), lowering your risk for heart disease, diabetes and other conditions linked to obesity.

The Keto diet causes you to feel full faster so people on the diet tend to eat less and become satiated longer.