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Railroad Cycling is the New Exercise Hobby

Railroad Cycling is the New Exercise Hobby

Railroad Cycling is the New Exercise Hobby

Are streets and sidewalks getting too overcrowded for you to enjoy your biking experience? Are you looking for something more fun, unique and exciting? When you exercise and enjoy bicycling do you ever think “I wish I could take a more scenic route?” Well then, Railroad cycling might be the best option for you! It has been around for a little while but recently has picked up steam. Cycling is a great way to stay fit, but if you’re one of those people who like the sense of adventure or extreme sports; railroad cycling is an unusual and great way to stay fit while still having quite an experience.

The basic idea behind all this is that it’s a special bike made for going on railroad tracks. There are tons of abandoned railroad tracks all over the country that haven’t been used in years, but now people are repurposing them for exercise-related activities. One of the great things about railroads is that they go through scenic, remote, and natural areas. If you have ever ridden on a train you know that the landscape can be vast and beautiful. You lose track of time while enjoying your train ride just viewing all the beauty of the countryside. Well, when you’re cycling you’re doing the same thing, but at a slower pace. You don’t even realize you’re doing something incredible for your body because you’re enjoying cycling so much and viewing nature as it was intended to be appreciated.

Revolution Rail Co. is one company that gives railroad cyclers the ability to ride on rail bikes for miles over the Hudson River! Talk about a scenic endeavor. The cycles at this company are similar to paddle boats. Four people can be on one cycle at one time, and they will glide over the railroad tracks as if they are gliding on water. The whole tour with the Revolution Rail Co is about a 6-mile trail filled with nature, beauty and lots of muscle building/cardio.

Of course, this company and trail are only one of the many railroad cycling businesses out there. Many people are taking it upon themselves to even build their own railroad cycles or railroad cycle connectors for their current bicycles. If you were to go this route, you should know to NEVER ride on active railroad tracks. Always call ahead to your local railway stations and make sure that the power to them is off and they aren’t being used. Otherwise, you could very easily end up like the cartoon characters that find themselves facing a speeding train. The only difference is you will not be coming back like the cartoon characters themselves.

It does take quite a lot of handiwork and muscle to build your own rail bike, and if you’re not familiar with how to do so, you can easily get hurt. Since I don’t recommend trying to find railroad-safe wheels and other parts you may need for this hobby on your own, unless you’re a skilled engineer or mechanic, I highly recommend you consider buying your own rail bike. Now, there are many companies out there that have gotten on the rail bike bandwagon, but not all are accredited or have been doing it for years. One such company you may want to look into is Bentley Railbike. They have been making nothing but rail bikes for fifty plus years! As I said this hobby has been around for a while, but just now has taken off with the internet making the idea viral. If you’re interested in buying a rail bike and looking into Bentley Railbike, go here!

There are so many trails and fun places you can explore with your family and friends with this hobby, or you can even make a bike that just fits you if you need your peace and quiet. But the point is it’s an easy, fun and adventurous sport. I would equate this to almost being like the old railroad minecarts on a smaller scale. It’s a thrill-seeking feeling you don’t want to miss out on so be sure to check into your state laws regarding rail biking and if you’re not sure about the hobby or where to find non-working railroad tracks then you can always google businesses in your area that have their own railroad tracks specifically for a rail bike. This option is the safest route. Do you think you will try this hobby soon or make a railbike of your very own? Let me know!

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