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Run Outside if You are Trying to Lose Weight

Run Outside if You are Trying to Lose Weight

Run Outside if You are Trying to Lose Weight

Run Outside if You are Trying to Lose Weight

How the study was conducted

Researchers from Milan University analyzed the difference between running on a treadmill or running outdoors or in 15 men all physically fit, with an average age of 21.

Each of the participants sprinted for 30 seconds followed by a 30-second recovery for a total of 15 minutes on both a treadmill and outdoors.

They measured oxygen use and exercise intensity after both types of running.

The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.

What do the Findings Mean

Therefore, runners on a treadmill must move 15 percent faster to burn the same number of calories as exercising outdoors, the study stated.

The authors of the study wrote, “A 15 percent increase in running velocity during a high intermittent intensity treadmill training session is the optimal solution to reach the same physiological responses [as] an outdoor training session.”

Although the study didn’t speculate why treadmill running appears to be less strenuous, prior research suggests that the moving belt of a treadmill propels joggers forward, causing them to move faster.

Gym-goers do not have to contend with steep hills or wind resistance by exercising indoors.

Michael Silverman, the director of rehabilitation and wellness at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York, said, “Outdoors, you are changing surfaces constantly, fighting the wind, and making quick and sudden starts and stops, which all lead to increased caloric burn.” Shape magazine reported.

In other words, if you are trying to lose weight by running the more effective method is by running outside.

Your body has to work harder with the terrain changes, causing you to inhale and exhale more oxygen, as well as utilizing more of your muscles for a greater all-around workout.

So make use of the warm weather and hit the trails for a run outside.

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