Signs Your Body is Aging Faster Than Normal

Signs Your Body is Aging Faster Than Normal

Aging is a natural process. But, it becomes something considerable when this process hastens. You won’t be willing to age, and aging at a faster rate would bring havoc to you. A person’s biological age has a significant effect on how they look, which is why people of the same period can look younger or older than they are. If you’ve any of these signs, then you need to take this seriously.

1. Dehydrated and flaky skin

Aging first shows on your skin. Over time, and due to adverse factors aging, it shows up and becomes distinct. This difference in your skin and other skin of the same age of yours is termed as premature aging. If your skin is continuously flaky or dry and scaly, pigmentation spots or dark spots, and wrinkled skin, this problem is likely to be connected with issues with the endocrine system or due to your lifestyle.

How to prevent:- Make sure that your diet is as balanced as possible, with a sufficient amount of vegetables, leafy greens like Kale, or Collard greens, berries(blueberries, cranberries, and strwberries), and foods that are rich in unsaturated fats such as avacados, nuts, vegetable oils, and seeds.

2. Superior sulcus hollowing

The skin underyour eyes is pretty sensitive and is more susceptible to any negative influence. Your eyes are vulnerable; that’s why the first signs of aging tend to appear here through dark circles or so-called eye bags, which make you look older. The muscles around the eyes are constanly working and can lead to a rapid loss of skin elasticity. Yours skin may begin to sag and stretch, which can cause the small empty spaces become filled with fat. Normally this is seen in people 40 years or above, but if you’re experiencing this at a lower age, this can indicate problems in the functioning of the internal organs and an accelerated rate of body aging.

How to prevent:- To get rid of this problem before it occurs, you should get enough sleep, use a salt substitute or avoid salty foods, drink plenty of water, and don’t forget to take care of the skin around the eyes every day.

3. Menstrual cycle disorders

An irregular menstrual cycle is a precursor of menopause. If it happens before you’re 40, it’s a sign that your internal organs are aging quickly. The symptoms of early menopause may include insomnia, fever, chills, seizures, and constant mood swings.

How to prevent:- In such cases, it’s always better to consult a gynecologist. Keep track of your menstrual cycle and go for a regular checkup. Detect and treat if there’s any inflammation of internal organs.

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