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How Taking the Stairs Keeps You Healthy!

How Taking the Stairs Keeps You Healthy!

How Taking the Stairs Keeps You Healthy!


Keep Your Brain Sharp by Skipping the Elevator

We all know exercise is good for our bodies, but did you know it is good for your brain, too?  A recent Canadian university study has found evidence that people who remain active as they get older tend to have sharper minds.  If they are also intellectually active, they benefited even more.

Leading researchers shared that the findings reflected that when people kept their brains active, their minds stayed younger for a longer period of time.  They demonstrated the conclusion by using MRI scans on over 300 healthy adults from the ages 19 to 79.  The participants who climbed stairs and completed a higher level of education had sharper and younger minds.

Why did the researchers choose climbing stairs as a physical activity to study? In their opinion, it was an activity that a majority of older persons could do and probably do daily already.  It has been their suggestion that the “Take the Stairs” campaign designed to promote physical activity should be used to promote mental health as well.

The exciting news is that the research shows even the simplest form of physical activity can stimulate brain health.  By climbing stairs and reading daily, you could take years off your “brain” age.  This information gives individuals the knowledge to know they can do something to keep their minds sharp.

While the study was designed to only show association and not cause-and-effect, the verdict was loud and clear.  Physical activity plus daily reading with help your brain stay younger.  I guess this means I will see you at the stairs!

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