Ten Of The Biggest Sunscreen Mistakes You Can Make

Ten Of The Biggest Sunscreen Mistakes You Can Make

What’s the first thing you do when summer hits? You slip into your shorts, tank tops, flip-flops and enjoy the absence of cold-weather. Don’t you? Summer is great. Even if we’re not kids on break, we can still enjoy these couple of months. However, if we’re constantly in pain due to sunburns, are we really making the most of our summer? The answer is no!

Don’t let the sun burn you, wear sunscreen. But wear sunscreen the right way! Here are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays and how to avoid them: 

Only Wearing It Sometimes

You might think the only time you, or your kids, need sunscreen is when you’re spending hours outside. If you’re at the beach, you probably lather up with sunscreen right? That’s great, and everything but the beach, an amusement park, or while you’re hanging out at a barbeque aren’t the only times you should be putting on sunscreen. Sunscreen should be worn whenever you’re going outside; regardless of how long you intend to be out there. You should always be protected by the sun!

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