The Benefits of Handstands are More Impressive Than You Realized

The Benefits of Handstands are More Impressive Than You Realized

I’m sure you’ve seen the photos all over Instagram. Many yoga lovers challenge and strengthen themselves to conquer the perfect handstand. You can find daily awe-springing videos that demonstrate the perfect flow into a slowly formed inversion.

Whether it’s in a yoga room, bedroom, or in the middle of an overly crowded public place, there doesn’t seem to be a spot that’s off limits to practice. It’s almost as if yogis seek out the most unimaginable spots to get upside down, and they seem to nail it each time. Right now, handstands are all the craze.

Some might even say they’re addictive.

Handstands no longer look like the same ones we did as kids. They have twists and angles. There’s added backbends and side stretches. You can see people doing handstands on top of someone in a backbend while playing theĀ ukulele. No joke. It’s like there’s been a whole new dimension added to the basic, hand on the ground, feet in the air handstand.

And it’s awesome.

In addition to being upside down, and totally determined to explore what the body is capable of; handstands carry their own benefits. They not only look amusing, but they are, and for more reasons than you’d think. They’re not just awesome from the outside, but the inside as well. Being in an inversion holds more than the eye can see, and can actually improve your health.

That’s even cooler.

So, if you have not yet discovered what it’s like to be on the upside, now is the perfect time to start practicing. If you’re still not convinced, you will be after finding out what a handstand can do for you. Both mentally and physically.

Let’s get our hands on the ground, shall we?

Connect with the ground, but yourself as well

While handstands take a lot of physical strength, there’s a lot of self-belief involved. Your internal perspective is shifted as your hands hit the ground and send your feet into the air. This action increases your ability to focus on your body and resets your mind.

Learning to trust and believe in yourself is an important factor, and is reconnected each time your heading upside down.

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