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The Dangers of Gym Equipment

The Dangers of Gym Equipment

The Dangers of Gym Equipment

Before you start reading this article please know that you can obviously get hurt anywhere doing anything. I literally hurt myself turning my ankle weird the other day in my house slipper. Point taken, I hope. However, there are a lot of dangers at the gym that people don’t’ think about before going to work out. They think “oh no big deal. Going to get healthy, built and burn some calories.” Truthfully, they should be more cautious with the gym equipment/machines than they are. Why?

Well Survey Monkey CEO Dave Goldberg fell off a treadmill and suffered a fatal head injury because of it. Since then surveys and stats have been done on gym equipment and it turns out that treadmills are one of the most dangerous workout machines out there! I knew I always called it the dreadmill for a good reason. 35% of workout related injuries that come into the ER are from treadmills.

“Picking an unrealistic speed can result in injury because you don’t have the strength or efficiency in your cadence to maintain those speeds,” says Emily Hutchins, owner of On Your Mark, Nike Master Trainer and coach on the Sweatworking

There are other machines that are also dangerous let’s take a look at them together and see how you can avoid a post-workout nightmare.


1. Bench Press

If you’re not already into pumping the iron or lifting weights, then you really shouldn’t be doing too much on the bench press. Start slowly with low weight and lots of repetitions to be safe. Also, ask someone who is seasoned like a trainer if you’re lifting properly. Not lifting properly can cause major problems with your neck, spine and other body parts. An injury is a very real possibility here.

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