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The Highest Paid Models In The Industry Right Now

The Highest Paid Models In The Industry Right Now

The Highest Paid Models In The Industry Right Now

It should come as no surprise that models get paid a lot of money. But only if they’re successful. Not every model is making millions of dollars. In fact, a lot of models don’t get anywhere in the fashion industry because it’s a very competitive field. And even if they make it for a couple of months, they can easily be dethroned by the fresh new face. Modeling is dog eat dog world industry. But when a model makes it, really makes it, and is able to stay in the game for a while, they get PAID. I”m talking millions on millions. It might piss you off to know how much models get paid (I know it pisses me off), so read this with caution. Here are the highest paid models in the industry (try not to die of jealousy):

Gisele Bundchen – $360 million

Gisele is more than just Tom Brady’s wife, she’s a fashion icon. Who happens to be worth significantly more than her husband. (Tom is only worth $180 million.)

Gisele started her modeling career in 1993 when she was just 13-years-old. She was discovered by the ‘Elite’ modeling agency and once signed, it didn’t take long for her to blow up. By the time she was 17, Gisele had walked in almost every major fashion runway and was considered one of the biggest models in the world. And she was only 17!

Now, Gisele is happily married to Tom Brady and the couple have two children. But that doesn’t mean Gisele’s cash flow is decreasing because she’s busy taking care of her family. Gisele made $17.5 million in 2017 thanks to her many campaigns and advertisements. She’ll probably always be one of the highest paying models!

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