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The New Health Trend: Veganism

The New Health Trend: Veganism

The New Health Trend: Veganism

There’s a new food trend going around that involves, pretty much not eating anything except fruits & veggies. That’s right. No dairy, no eggs, no meat…Just PLANTS. This new trend is called veganism. Veganism is growingly tremendously around the world with a rapid 500% percent growth over the past couple of years. But what exactly is veganism and why is everyone jumping on the vegan train. Well, you are about to find out.
Veganism definition wise is the practice of eating in a way in which no harm is done to animals. This means meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and for some people, even honey is excluded from your diet. 10 and even 5 years ago it was rare to meet someone who was a vegetarian, let alone a vegan. It was like a one in a million thing. Most people would be surprised by the fact that there were people walking this very earth that did not indulge in ice cream sundaes and backyard BBQs with all the fixings of hotdogs, burgers, and sausage links. They were definitely a rarity but that is no more.

There has been and continues to be a gradual shift away from consuming meat, and health problems are too blame. Meat consumption is being blamed for negative environmental effects as well as a huge amount of diseases in humans. Last month a Netflix documentary “What the Health?” was released and it gave insight into the meat and dairy industry and how what happens in those industries lead to serious health concerns. Now more than ever health organization such as The American College of Cardiology is starting to realize the effects of meat and dairy and they are starting to recommend a plant-based diet. This is because new research is pointing towards plant protein as being healthier than meat or animal protein.

The trend became intensified when athletes start stepping out as being vegan. They were and still are gaining an enormous amount of exposure due to breaking the stereotypes of having to eat lots of meat In order to be a successful and healthy athlete. There is even a 252-pound international rugby star who came out as being vegan. He even admitted that he had been vegan for two years and was stronger now that he had made the switch. Bodybuilders are winning national and international medals back to back on a plant-based diet and the masses are following behind them. Then you have your Hollywood stars. People like Beyonce, Rapper Waka Flocka Flame, and even reality star Erica Mena have even admitted to being vegan. Erica Mena recently posted a picture on Instagram of her totally ripped body with a caption stating that she works out twice a day and became vegan and that is how she got such a smoking body.

Vegan athletes and celebrities are doing well on the all plant-based diet because it is simply a better choice for growing muscle and getting the body you want. It is pretty much common sense if you think about it. If you are only eating plant-based protein the obvious thing to know is that it does not contain the harmful chemicals and elements that are usually found in animal products. These are the same chemicals and elements that lead to harmful diseases and inflammation. A plant-based diet comes with nutrients and antioxidants that fight against those diseases. Scientists say with a plant-based diet we may actually be able to reverse bodily diseases if we allow our bodies to heal themselves and reverse the damage.

One reason why veganism has become the ultimate trend is, now it is so EASY. It is convenient and more and more vegan restaurants are popping up everywhere in every city, and even restaurants that weren’t previously vegan are now adding vegan options to the menu or going completely vegan. If you don’t know where to start? No worries it’s all rolled out for you. Just watch a few videos on YouTube and you will be a vegan expert. There are so many channels on YouTube that showcase a vegan lifestyle. From vegan recipes to even vegan beauty products such as shampoo and soap, literally everything vegan you can find on YouTube. In New York, a large dairy company completely got rid of dairy and is now only producing plant-based milks.

Everywhere people are starting to change their eating habits and transform into a more plant-based diet. Google once predicted that this would happen and we are seeing it unfold before our eyes. Personally, I think the vegan diet is great and offers a lot of great benefits, but it may not be the best option for everyone. Whatever diet you choose just make sure to pay attention to your health and make the best decisions to live a long healthy life.

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