Top Bad Habits People Want to Break


Bad habits can hail from repetitive negative actions that one may find themselves frequently doing sometimes even without realizing. These can be done through ways of relieving stress or anxiety, however, they can prove to be more harmful to a person than helpful.

Many people have bad habits in varying ways, but luckily, bad habits can typically be stopped through willpower and with work. Here are some common bad habits that many deal with, as well as tips for combating them. Please enjoy, and good luck:

Biting Nails

A lot of times biting nails can be an action brought about by nervousness or some feelings of anxiety. It can be a comforting feeling to have something as convenient as your fingers to bite on, however, keep in mind of all the unhealthy risks that can come along with it.

When you bite your nails, remember that you are also sticking your unwashed hands into your mouth, which can contribute to illnesses. Frequent biting can also play a role in permanently ruining your fingernails and even stop them from growing normally.

A way to work your way out of doing this could be to find something else to release your stress with. You can purchase a stress ball if you need something to do with your hands, or do something a little less noticeable and harmless such as fidgeting with rings on your hand or a hair tie or bracelet around your wrist.

Attempting to get yourself to stop biting like putting hot sauce on your nails may only work temporarily, so use hot sauce as only a small role in the big picture. Put a taste you dislike on your fingers, and force yourself to use something else to get the stress out that doesn’t include nail-biting.

Skipping Breakfast

When you wake up in the mornings, the first thing on your mind may just be to get a move on and get ready for the day. Something as time-draining as breakfast may be the last thing on your mind. However, you should always attempt to get something into your body before you start your day, even if the food happens to be something quick and light, like a banana.

When you skip breakfast, you’re also skipping free energy to use during your day. Eating breakfast also helps wake up your metabolism levels, when you eat a piece of toast or yogurt, your metabolism is woken up. When you skip breakfast, by the time you eat lunch, your metabolism is still running on the low energy from when you were sleeping, so it can cause you to gain more weight as it isn’t ready to break your food down quickly.

It can be easy to get yourself eating breakfast again, just be sure always to have something available for you to chow down on in the mornings. They can be quick meals like cereal, yogurt, toast, or fruits. If you need to, set the alarm to remind you or place a sticky note on your mirror that you can notice in the middle of brushing your teeth.