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Training like a ballerina to get fit: Barre Class

Training like a ballerina to get fit: Barre Class

Training like a ballerina to get fit: Barre Class

You ever look at ballerinas and totally envy their body? They always seem to have lean mean body machines. Super defined abs and a totally firm bum. Well, it is because of the way that they train. The small, and focused movements they do while dancing is a sure way to get nicely defined muscles.

Barre classes typically do not include a lot of cardio because it is more of a strengthening class. Now, don’t think you are going to go in there and dance like a ballerina, it is totally different from dance class and simply borrows certain moves from ballerinas that build and tones things like your core, arms, legs, butt and, more.

Barre class doesn’t use a lot of additional tools to enhance the workout, but the ones that they do use you can easily find for cheap in stores like Ross, Target, T.J. Maxx and more. A typical Barre class includes things like exercise balls, exercise bands, lightweight dumbbells and cute socks.

Now, I know you are wondering, what are the benefits of a workout that mimics that of a ballerina, well if you are reading this I can almost guarantee you would love some washboard abs if you do not already have one, and barre has one of the most effective core workouts amongst workouts. Yes, that’s right. With the small movements you see in a barre class you get all the small important muscles that are oftentimes missed during a regular core workout that includes crutches. If you continue to do these small isometric movements time and time again you will start to see an increase in muscle definition and of course the more endurance you build. Once you build endurance it would be much easier for you to hold your barre positions for longer which is even better. Along with building a strong core, barre helps to build proper posture as well.

To really be successful and get the most out of barre you must have a long straight spine and if you don’t have one, after attending one of the classes you’ll understand why it is so important. It is almost essential to have the perfect alignment of your spine, shoulders, hips and more in order to do things that are asked of you in class such as lifting your legs both forward and backward. There is nothing sexier than someone who sits up straight and tall. It exudes confidence, and with this class, confidence is right around the corner.


When attending a barre class, you will notice lots of stretching throughout the duration of the class. This is incredibly beneficial because when you are able to go deeper into your stretches, then all of your other muscles will be able to work correctly, given the fact that they are no longer tight. Not only that, it also increases your flexibility. Next benefit is that you are truly getting a full body workout.

For the most part, you are using your own body as exercise tools. This means you end up working multiple muscle groups at the same time resulting in a nice calorie burning, muscle defining, full-body workout. If you are like me, you hate being out of breath after a workout. That is why I prefer barre class over any other class.

Yes, you will be tired and you will sweat, but you won’t feel like you have to pass out after the workout and you won’t get that painful cold feeling in your chest that you get after running on the treadmill. You are less likely to injure yourself while doing a barre class because it is so low impact. Low impact typically means low-injury, so much that pregnant women can also so this workout. Also, it is like seriously super fun. I did a free week trial of barre class at Pure Barre in my local area and I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was burning calories while defining my muscles at the same time. While being able to laugh and have fun. The instructors are super fun and upbeat and they push you throughout the entire class. Letting you know that you can do it and pull through.

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