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Turn Back Your Clocks, Not Your Mood.

Turn Back Your Clocks, Not Your Mood. Try These Relaxing Tips To Ease Those Winter Blues

Turn Back Your Clocks, Not Your Mood. Try These Relaxing Tips To Ease Those Winter Blues

As the seasons make their final descent into winter, our clocks take a turn back. Days become shorter, and the air becomes colder. Time feels like it ticks a little bit slower and the skies stay a bit dimmer. While some people look forward to bundling up by the fire and drinking hot chocolate, others see a different aspect.

The Winter Blues is one name, but this issue is also formally known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD;) which translates to a case of depression during winter months. This affects millions of people each year and even those who count down the days for this season can still feel the changes in moods. Due to the lack of sunlight, an onset of depression can take over during this yearly transition, and stick around until Spring. As if our biological clock getting jumbled up isn’t enough, this change also affects the body’s sleep cycle and our intake of serotonin.

A few symptoms of SAD are, loss of appetite, feeling overly tired, experiencing feelings of sadness or guilt, and loss of concentration. If you do feel the uncomfortable adjustments during this season, feel comfort in knowing that there are soothing ways to help the transition.

Let There Be Light

Light Therapy mimics natural sunlight and is said to have a positive effect on the brain chemicals linked to sleep and mood. Since these are the main symptoms incorporated with SAD, it is a helpful go-to solution to fight depression.

For light therapy, there are a large variety of light boxes available; most of which can be used at home or on your work desk. The light is absorbed indirectly in the eye, through the retina, and is then transferred to the brain, which helps balance the body’s natural clock.

Light Boxes take up little space, have options that won’t break the bank, and are proven to boost your mood. In any case, follow any lightbox as directed, as they all vary.

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