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Want Whiter Teeth? These are the BEST Teeth Whiteners on the Market!

Want Whiter Teeth? These are the BEST Teeth Whiteners on the Market!

Want Whiter Teeth? These are the BEST Teeth Whiteners on the Market!

Everyone wants whiter teeth. Admit it at some point you have done the napkin test or glanced at your teeth in a selfie and noticed yellowing or browning. This happens for quite a few different reasons, whether it’s dental health related or simply just diet. Many teas or coffee drinkers find themselves with deep brown or yellowing stains.

So being an avid coffee and tea drinker I wondered what were the best teeth whiteners on the market? Which ones were really worth the extra money and which weren’t? Were there some that worked better for others? Well, my quest began and here are the best teeth whiteners I have found on the 2018 market.

Tansmile Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips are a great choice and most people will want to save that extra money by buying them on Amazon.com. Now, you can buy them at certain stores, but you will have to check in advance before doing so because not all stores carry these products. For instance, not all Target stores may carry a certain toothpaste. The reason why Tansmile is such a great product because if you have sensitive teeth or have issues with other ingredients in different teeth whiteners this one will probably not bother you in the least.

The charcoal ingredient will not bother your gums or teeth. This painless strip will whiten your teeth, but if you have lots of brown stains or yellows or perhaps they are old or deeply rooted this may not be the product for you. The strips are slightly smaller than their standard counterparts… so again for minor stains, this is a great and inexpensive choice! Buy Them Here!

White 360 is another great brand of strips that will whiten your teeth right away. Let’s say you’re going to an event, an interview or your own wedding and want whiter, brighter teeth then these are the strips you will want to try right away. They don’t have results that last a long time, but for a short-term fix like picture day at high school, these strips are life savers. Now some of the consumer complaints on these particular strips are the fact they may be uncomfortable compared to other strips and the white doesn’t last as long. Again, these strips are great for a quick fix for a temporary problem and are inexpensive compared to other whitening strips out there. However, if you’re looking for long-term results these would not be the strips for you. If you know sometimes you wake up and have some brown stains on occasion that you wish would go away before an event or interview, then you can buy them here!

Sometimes you just need some short-term whitening!

Sparkling White Professional Strength. Well first off anything with professional strength has to be good right? Well not always, but in this case, Sparkling White Professional Strength will keep your smile looking pearly white. They are fantastic fitting on the teeth and have wonderful results that last quite a while. What’s even better is that they are professional grade result at a fraction of the price! Walmart has the best price on these at $12.99 for 28 strips! You will have that flashy white smile in no time flat. Oh, they also are enamel safe, which is a huge plus!

Lumist is a product that not only has a cool name, but it will illuminate your smile with its fabulous strips. These strips claim to whiten your teeth up to 5 shades whiter. What’s nice about these is that results not only whiten more, but you keep your whiter brighter smile longer! The strips are shorter so they only end up at about your canine teeth, but on the flipside, they are also a good choice for sensitive teeth and you get real results with Lumist’s strips. The only other downside to these strips is the price tag, but you will have your whiter smile for longer with these strips so it might be worth that extra money if you want long-lasting results. To buy them go here!

Crest 3D White Professional Effects is probably the best over-the-counter whitening strips on the market. These not only give you a professional whitening but can remove years and years of staining. They also have an amazingly low price tag especially for the quality of the whitening. It’s almost as if you went to the dentist and got your teeth whitened when really you did it all with the Crest 3D White Professional Effects strips. The only real complaint some users see from these strips seems to be an increase in tooth sensitivity after using them a few times. This also happens sometimes with the professional whitening products so it’s always a risk unless you choose one of the other choices on this list made specifically for sensitive teeth. To buy these amazing strips go here!

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