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Why You Should Give Water Aerobics a Try

Why You Should Give Water Aerobics a Try

Why You Should Give Water Aerobics a Try

There are many stereotypes surrounding water aerobics that just aren’t true and give the exercise a bad name. You don’t think of young fit men and women getting in a pool and practicing their aerobics usually, but you should.

This article is to inform you that if you’re laughing thinking about your granny doing water aerobics with some instructor at the YMCA, you need think again. Reconsider, because this is an activity we should all be involved in!

1. It’s not just for OLD People

There is this common misconception that water aerobics is for old decrepit people who can’t do “REAL” exercises anymore. However, even avid swimmers who have tried aquafit and/or water aerobics say that it was actually more challenging than they anticipated.

‘We’ve been dealing with that challenge; overcoming the idea that it’s for people who are injured, who are older or who are obese,’ admits Charlene Kopansky, president and founder of the Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance. ‘But even younger people who are extremely fit can reap the benefits of participating in aquafitness.’

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