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Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda

Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda

Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda

Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda

Next time you reach for your caffeine fix disguised in the form of soda, think twice. Recent research conducted in Sweden has found that males who drank two or more servings of the fizzy sweet drink had a 23 percent increased risk of heart failure.

The extensive study, conducted by the Karolinska Institute, was spread over a 12-year span and included data of over 42,000 men. During that period, it uncovered over 3,600 cases where soda consumption and the risk of heart failure could be linked. Researchers also found 509 individuals died of the ailment.

While it has long been known that sweetened drinks like soda can be linked to Type 2 diabetes and obesity, this discovery can help in the development of prevention techniques for heart failure. Education is essential since the largest number of soda drinkers follow poor diet habits.

It is important to note the study included the consumption of diet drinks which listed forms of artificial sweeteners in their ingredients. It did not reduce an individual’s risk of developing heart failure if they drank diet soda versus regular soda.

For example, women who drank two or more serving a day of diet soda had a 50 percent greater chance of dying from cardiovascular disease and a 30 percent increased risk of suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

The study conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study followed approximately 60,000 women to find the correlation between diet soda consumption and female development of heart disease.

This data is even more vital as it is estimated that one out of five American’s drink at least one serving of soda per day, including diet drinks. The term “diet” gives a false impression that those drinks are better for you. However, sweetened drinks of all types have been associated with some health concerns.

What does all the information mean for you? Drink soda in moderation and instead of reaching for a sugary drink, add fruit slices to a cold glass of water for flavor and hydrate your body along with hydrating your senses.

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