Winter Hiking – Your Own Personal Wonderland

Winter Hiking – Your Own Personal Wonderland

Have you ever shaken up a snow globe and daydreamed about what it would be like to be inside? With a gentle sway of your hand, the globe comes to life. Miniature snowflakes fall gently upon the ground, creating shimmering reflections, so calming and peaceful. The delicate earth shaped glass awakens feelings of curiosity, while thoughts of reminiscing take the stage. As the miniature sized people, mountains, and trees become covered with snow, a sense of relaxation arises. The world is so much more simple inside a snow globe.

During the colder months, life on a mountain can be simple as well. The air becomes crisp and light, and time seems to slow down. From sunrise to sunset, the colors reflect off the snow to create a unique winter pallet.

The mountains quietly whisper as their trails take on a new form. A form that is begging your hiking boots to press fresh footprints upon them. And your hiking boots, they’re begging you to take them.

If you thought hiking in spring or summer was a treat, wait until you explore a trail in the winter. Sure, it’s cold and can be slippery, but so was sledding when you were a kid. It was still a blast, right? Heck ya, it was. Winter hiking is similar, only with a bigger hill. It also holds its own list of secrets and health benefits. So, do yourself and your boots a favor, and answer to those snow-capped mountains. You’ll find out what those well-kept secrets are, first hand.

While you’re contemplating lacing up your boots to discover your new winter hobby, I will share a whisper of winter hiking secrets with you.

Your Own Winter Wonderland

Rather than gazing inside an earth shaped object, curiously admiring the inside; you can put your own feet (snow boots) on the earth and take a stroll down a snow-covered trail, experiencing your own real-life wonderland.


Peace and Solitude

Often, trails will be quiet. Which gives you the unique experience to have them to yourself; this reason alone is convincing enough to bundle up and head out.


A Gentle Touch

During winter months, the ground is softer as it becomes covered in snow. Therefore, each step you take has a gentler effect on your bones, joints, and ligaments. It’s as if the earth is giving you a kind, “Thank you” for joining it during its winter beauty.

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