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Yin Yoga Is The Perfect Balance You've Been Searching For

Yin Yoga Is The Perfect Balance You’ve Been Searching For

Yin Yoga Is The Perfect Balance You’ve Been Searching For

There are so many forms of physical training. From marathons to getting that beach body, it all comes down to setting and conquering your own goals. It starts with having a vision, and even though that’s crucial to keep in focus– you have to tackle all the work in between. It’s just not possible without doing so.

These guidelines don’t just apply to a physical goal, but to other areas of life as well. It’s nearly impossible to get where we truly want to be if we are battling our own thoughts and doubting our ability to move forward.

Anyone who has ever tried to obtain certain goals knows exactly how hard it can be to stay on track and provide consistency. You have to keep not only your body but your mind in the game. Most of the time, that is the biggest battle.

Going to the gym prepares your body, and making outlines and plans shapes your life goals. Yoga, on the other hand, practices mindfulness and works the physical body. I guess you could say it’s beauty and brains. Which is a pretty solid combination. Just as there are many forms of physical and life training, there are just as many types of yoga. Hot, Hatha, strength, fusion; the list goes on.

One form of yoga that is less recognized in modern days; is Yin.

What is Yin, exactly? I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before or even said it for yourself. “You’re the Yin to my Yang.” A simple explanation is; Yin is the calm, Yang is the busy. As a result, it creates an internal balance, fine tunes your mind and forces you to slow down.

Not only that, but it releases the tension in your body on a whole different level.

Oftentimes, we are so set on a goal in the distance, we lose focus on the step-by-step moments it takes to get us there. Consequently, it can cause us to backpedal or feel discouraged. Which brings us further away from where we want to be, it can then create an internal tension. Not just in a physical sense, but in our overall persona.

Yin is the perfect solution. It is the balance to our busy lives and distant goals. In contrast to a work out routine or a personal list of tasks we want to achieve; it works our minds. And although it aides in both, it goes even deeper. Literally.

Practicing Yin gently slides into the areas that tend to get the least amount of attention. Not only does it feel amazing, but there are many benefits as well.

Letting Go Of Distractions

While practicing Yin, the main goal is to find stillness. This can be especially difficult when we’re used to a constant movement. When was the last time you sat with yourself; without having something to read, write, or look at?

Many thoughts arise when you close off from outside distractions, and it makes you acknowledge where your mind wanders to. It gives us a chance to see what thoughts come up and how we consciously respond to them. By letting go of distractions, it opens our eyes to our perspective of obstacles in our daily world and brings us back to ourselves.

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