Yoga Moves That’ll Sculpt Your Abs In No Time

Yoga Moves That’ll Sculpt Your Abs In No Time

Yoga isn’t just a way to relax your mind and body, this exercise is also a great way to tone your muscles — especially your abs. No wonder people are turning into yogis.

Yoga is a full body workout that strengthens your core when most workouts don’t; and you don’t have to go to the gym every day, either.

Here are the yoga moves you can do anywhere, that’ll sculpt and tone your abs:

Butterfly Crunch

Butterfly crunches aren’t just a great way to sculpt your abs, they’re also a pretty effective full body workout. This exercise requires nothing at all but an exercise mat, so you can do this move wherever — even in your own home.

How: Lay back on your mat with your knees bent and open to the side. You’ll find yourself in a butterfly position. Then, with your hands slightly rested on the back of your kneck, crunch up. Pause for a couple of seconds and then lower back down.

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